About Rizzieri

The Rizzieri Group which is comprised of Rizzieri Salons, Spas, and Schools is a third-generation family-owned business with locations in southern New Jersey and Florida. Our Rizzieri Florida Salon is in Orlando. Rizzieri is in the “make people feel good” business. Our facilities, reputation, and talented staff excel in their craft, creating a one-of-a-kind guest experience.

At Rizzieri Florida, we have five levels of stylists. Each level represents an intensive training curriculum and accomplishments in the areas of cutting, coloring, and consultations. All stylists complete rigorous training sponsored by Aveda and global industry leaders!

Rizzieri Salons are proud to be Aveda Lifestyle Salons.



Franco Cipriotti started this business in 1924. While running a successful barber school, visionary barber and stylist Franco Cipriotti saw the future in ladies hairdressing. He transformed his barber school, State Beauty, into a beauty culture school called Maison de Paris, which was the first cosmetology school in the state of New Jersey.

Anna Rizzieri, Franco’s daughter took over the school in 1965 and continued to help it grow and thrive. It grew so much that it outgrew the space. In the span of the three generations the school has moved from Market Street in Philadelphia and now resides in Voorhees Town Center, in Voorhees, New Jersey. Anna can be found at the school on occasion teaching finger waves and other styling techniques, she is very much a part of the business every day.

Her husband, Sal Rizzieri came to America from Italy in 1959. He lived with his Aunt and Uncle in Bristol PA. At that time, Anna had an Uncle that owned a salon across the street from Sal’s family. Sal was friendly with Anna’s Uncle who one day said that he needed to go to “his brother’s (Franco’s) school”. Anna and Sal met at the school, as she was his teacher. They dated, fell in love, and were married.


Rizzieri won the highly sought after hair award, NAHA—the highest honor bestowed to a hairstylist in North America—three times.

Naturally, Sal joined the business, and began expanding by opening up their first salon, House of Capri. House of Capri was located in Runnemede, New Jersey. Many of the talented staff you find at Rizzieri today started at that very salon.

Once they outgrew that space in the eighties, they wanted to move into the new up-and-coming town of Washington Township, and then the salon Mirage was born. Rizzieri Salon can be found now in the Virtua Health & Wellness Campus on Hurffville Cross Keys Road in Washington Township.

In the nineties, their son, Frank Rizzieri moved into a leadership role within the organization. He had been a part of the business since the moment he was born. It was second nature to him, and the passion ran deep in his veins.

It is because of that passion that Frank not only runs a very successful business enterprise, he also is a renowned editorial hairstylist and travels around the world, co founded a hair tool company called Rsession Pro Tools and is the Creative Director and spokesperson for a national hair extension company called VOMOR. Even though his different businesses have won many awards, he has won the most sought after hair award, known as NAHA which is the highest honor bestowed to a hairstylist in all of North America. Rizzieri has won it three times.

On his watch, Frank Rizzieri also won the Global Salon Business Award for Excellence in Business, which was awarded as one of the best run salon businesses in the world. The competition was judged by UCLA School of Management.

Frank is also deeply involved in the communities in which he services and is also a proud member of Board of Directors of the Virtua Foundation.

Frank is married to Ana Marie Rizzieri whose talent as a makeup artist has a refreshingly uncomplicated foundation: Ana Marie simply and strongly believes in the beauty that all women possess. Never a heavy-handed “makeover artist,” Ana Marie’s dedication to the science, technique and beauty of healthy skin is just one of the reasons she has become one of the most sought after artists in the business. Her goal is to make women look good and feel beautiful and it’s immediately identifiable in her signature style: gorgeous, sun-kissed faces that seem to glow from within.

Growing up in an Italian American family of hairdressers in New Jersey, Ana Marie has had the beauty business in her life from birth. Her delicate and precise hand and a love of color steered her towards the makeup profession and she fell in love with the craft. She landed Vogue UK as her first major client and began to travel regularly to Europe for shoots. From then on, she has worked steadily with the industry’s top photographers and magazines, as well as celebrities like Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried, Rose Byrne, Tina Fey, Carey Mulligan and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Her ability to effortlessly collaborate makes her an asset on-set. Photographers such as Ben Watts, Pamela Hanson and Liz Von Hoene on editorial assignments for Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour, and advertising campaigns for brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, Avon, Ann Taylor and Target.